Bridges of St. Petersburg

Viewers of RTG TV will make a wonderful promenade along Saint-Petersburg rivers and canals and learn why this city is called «City of Museums».

About ten thousand years ago there was a sea on a place where now St-Petersburg is. Gradually land mass was rising and displacing water. So Baltic Sea,  Lake Ladoga and River Neva were originated. St-Petersburg is called «A Bridge Museum». There are more than 800 bridges in the city and its suburbs, the number of bridges is much bigger than in Venice, Amsterdam or Stockholm. 12 bridges are absolutely huge and they have turning machinery. Navigation period on Neva river is only 4 months, but it is very intensive. Water crafts can pass the city only at night and there more than 4000 dry-cargo ships  passing the city every season. In Ancient Russia times Neva was a part of famous Trade Route from the Varangians to the Greeks, later it became a part of Volgo-Baltic trade Route. This Route is still functioning and you can find the evidence near Blagoveshensky Bridge where every night not only people but also ships are waiting for drawbridge.  The presenter Andrej Ivanov made an agreement with the Captain and  became for a while the passenger of dry-cargo ship.