Tour of Krasnodar

The presenter of RTG TV Leonid Taranov visited the core of Kuban the city of Krasnodar. The city was founded 216 year ago by Cossacks.

Till the year 1920 the city bore the name of Yekaterinodar in the honour of Catherine the Great who had granted Kuban lands to the Cossack army. The monument to the Empress is in the Krasnaya street which is the major street of Krasnodar. Krasnaya means beautiful*. The Glory Hour of Kuban is held every Sunday. The unique Cossack honor guard astonishes spectators with a horse parade, exhibition performance of combatant group and parade concert of military band. They take tender care of their history and maintain cherished traditions and at once the city is young and joyous. Leonid Taranov got to know where the painter Ilya Repin had been searching for prototypes for his picture «Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan», rubbed legs of monument to Krasnodar dogs for lucky and learned to ride an ancient bike. *Krasnyj in Russian designated a specific color (red). In the Proto-Slavonic and Old-Russian languages this word meant «beautiful» and has been preserved in some expressions like the Red Square.