The museum of stone in the South Ural

RTG TV invites to the Ural master on a stone.

In the very center of Eurasia, in the Urals, a craftsman Aleksandr Maksimovich Motora, lives. Straight in his house he created a very unusual museum - Stone Museum. Fairy-tales and legends attribute stones miraculous qualities, but they, as well as stone's soul are not always obvious from the first sight. You need time to feel and understand the energies of the stone and only an experienced craftsman's eye can see what is inside the stone. As the hero of the program says, only a special type of people deal with stones. They have a fine appreciation of nature, they can distinguish a real beauty and they are carried away by their profession. The museum, created by the craftsman in his own house, reminded the presenter Andrey Ivanov a Japanese Stones Garden. And Japanese people consider that places with lots of stones are chosen by Gods for their residence. Such places are holy.