Magnitogorsk iron and steel

The program about the biggest iron and steel works in Russia.

Magnitogorsk city is divided into two parts by Ural River, which, is by the way, the border between Europe and Asia. So Magnitogorsk is situated in two parts of the world at once. The central enterprise in the city is Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. Together with the presenter Igor Maksimenko, TV audience will see how the steel is hardened. The story of the industrial complex dates back to 1929 when the first builders came to the bottom of Magnitnaya Mountain. It's absolutely unbelievable, but there were only 10 builders. They were the people who started building the plant which later became one of the biggest in iron industry in the whole world. A huge plant started with the foundation pit 10 meters deep , which was dug by hand. A spade and a pick was the only equipment of the earliest explorers. But less than 2 years later on the place of foundation pit the first blast-furnace was built and launched, it was called «Komsomolskaya». Now the plant is equipped with the most modern machinery. In the program you'll see the whole production cycle of steel melting.