Lieutenant Colonel Peter Karasev

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Karasev is commander of the best battalion of Russian airborne troops. He didn't dream to become a general.

When finishing the Ryazan Military Academy he was going to resign as a major. But at the age of 31 years he has already taken the position of a lieutenant colonel and doesn't feel like returning to civilian life. Together with the officer RTG TV team got acquainted with the 71th Guards landing division and set out to the military assembly in the forests of Pskov region. Three hundred men of Karasev conquer heights and fire at red team in the cold of 30 degrees. But the Battalion Commander Karasev doesn't seek for royal roads. Combatant Officer got his first command experience fighting against terrorists. Karasev is holder of several decorations. The most valuable one is For Courage. He states it belongs to all his soldiers.