Journey to the bottom of the Sarmatian Sea

The presenter of RTG TV Andrey Ivanov visited the place where the Black Dragon was living, found the tracks of the ancient sea and learned the secret of Alexandr Makedonsky.

Millions years ago these lands were covered with waters of Middle-Sarmatian Sea. It was generated as a result of tectonic plates shift in the place of more ancient the Tethys Ocean. At first sight nothing reminds of it i n Alexandrovsky region of Stavropol Krai. There are steppe landscapes and forests around here. This region has been settled for ages. But the ancient bottom still keeps lots of secrets. Alexandrovskoe is considered to be one of the longest rural settlements. It is 40 kilometers long! There's a great stone teared off the rock in the outskirt. It looks like a frog, which is sitting with mouth opened and staring attentively at the peak... besides the frog there are a dragon, a hippopotamus, a turtle - a real stone zoo. They are of natural origin, but people have been trying to find out how they had appeared for ages. This is why a lot of legends about Tomyzlovsky monsters appeared.