Jewish Cuisine

The question what the Jewish cuisine is racked ones brains over by the very Jews. There are too many trends, tastes and details. Why the Jews all over the world are not allowed to eat fish without scales, shrimps and beef in cream sauce, what a pig and a rabbit are guilty of, and what the meaning of cosher dish is - all these secrets on RTG TV channel.

The Jewish cuisine is a unique phenomenon! The matter is that it doesn't exist at all. During the long and complicated history representatives of this nationality were scattered all over the world. This is why Jewish cuisine includes sweet stuffed fish in Poland style, and hot dishes of Mexican and Argentina Jews, saccharine sweets from Morocco, and spicy food from Bukhara. Eclecticism is supposed to be the most precise term for cuisine! But all this abundance of tastes is united by a system of check and balances - the laws of kashrut. It manages all the culinary process both in Africa and Saint-Petersburg. Igor Vukolov learns how to prepare stuffed carp and famous vorschmack* according to all the rules of kashrut. *In Jewish cuisine, vorschmack is made of chopped herring, without meat, sometimes adding chopped hard-boiled egg and grated fresh apple. It is served as a cold appetizer.