Bronze age of Siberia

Diggings in one of the most mysterious valleys in Tumen region.

One of the most mysterious places in Tumen Region is Ingalskaya Village. It occupies a huge territory of 1500 square kilometers. It is considered that in ancient times Great Silk Way was crossing Ingalskaya Valley. The presenter Irina Pudova decided to take part in diggings together with archaeological group «Issedon». Archaeologists face lots of important questions: what culture did aboriginal nations, living in the valley have?where did they come from? who did they fight wit h? In the movie all stages of archaeological diggings are shown, beginning with exploration and place choice finishing with digging process itself, when you have to cast every centimeter of soil. Together with RTG TV you'll have chance to sink into history and the presenter will touch the object which is 3000 years older than she is.