British Banyas

In the territory of the ski-resort Krasnya Polyana the presenter of RTG TV Igor Vukolov found a real «cushy lob». It was...banya complex, which was opened in the Caucasian mountains by the English.

The favorite Russian thing turned out to be useful for British. After several years of searching for his own business, James learned how to combine English carefulness with Russian spirit. As a real owner he isn't sitting around twiddlind his thumbs. He takes care of the territory by himself and takes first-hand participation in the building of the banyas. The steams are made of the ecologically clean materials. The state of health is influenced by essential oils aroma. These effective volatile substance are found in the plant tissues and possess a lot of useful qualities. They strengthen the immune system, help to fight against microbes and calm down nervous system. Englishman James and his Russian wife Tatiana consider a real banya to pure not only one's body, but also one's soul. Igor Vukolov experienced it himself.