Alexander Karelin

The triple Greco-Roman wrestling Olympic champion, sport legend of 20th century Alexandr Karelin in film from «People of Russia» cycle.

Greco-Roman wrestling is a style of wrestling anciently used. It has been considered classical for a long time. The contemporary style was formed in France only 200 years ago. Since 1896 Greco-Roman wrestling has been included in every edition of the summer Olympics. In this film you will know about Alexandr Karelin, who is the most titled wrestler today. The triple Olympic champion, the ninefold world champion, the twelvefold Europe champion, the thirteenfold USSR and Russia champion. The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles recognized Alexandr Karelin as the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of XX century. He lives in Novosibirsk and devotes much time to development of sport and educates children to be single-mindedness, honest and have will to win.