A refined dinner with a view of St.Petersburg by night

RTG TV host Maria Mumicheva has visited the Okan to relish its cracking views of the historic center of the city that can be taken in from all three of the restaurant’s decks, as well as to learn how to cook several unusual dishes.

St. Petersburg, a city of Tsarist refinement, magnificence and beauty. Here, the bridges are an ornate necklace thrown across the neck of the beauty that is the Neva River. The facades of the city’s palaces face towards the same river, interspersed with gardens and parks with iron railings, the skyline adorned with the gilded domes of churches and cathedrals. Petersburg looks particularly beautiful from the water – from the deck of a small vessel or … from a restaurant. Next to Birzhevoi Bridge lies Okean or Ocean, a three-story restaurant on the water with vast panoramic windows, through which you get an incredible view of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island and the city’s main water artery. RTG TV host Maria Mumicheva has visited the Okan to relish its cracking views of the historic center of the city that can be taken in from all three of the restaurant’s decks, as well as to learn how to cook several unusual dishes.

Recipe «Black Cod fillet served on a bed of green spinach with vegetables in a Sambuca sauce»

Recipe «Crab salad served in an orange»  

Recipe «Pumpkin and green pea soup duet»  

Black Cod fillet served on a bed of green spinach with vegetables in a Sambuca sauce recipe serves 1 person; preparation time ~ 15 minutes; cooking time ~ 30 minutes Ingredients:Ingredients for the fish: 150 g. Black Cod fillet, 100 ml. olive oil, 5 ml. balsamic cream, black sesame seeds, 1 bamboo leaf, salt, pepper. Ingredients for the side dish: 30 g. fresh spinach, 1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 20 g. courgette, 20 g. mini asparagus, 2 cherry tomatoes. Ingredients for the parsley sauce: 100 g. parsley, 30 ml. olive oil, salt, pepper. Ingredients for the Sambuca sauce: 30 ml. Sambuca, 50 ml. orange juice. Directions: Sprinkle salt and pepper onto the fish fillet and drizzle the olive oil on top. Fry for 2-3 minutes in a pan and then put it in the cooker to finish cooking for 10-12 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. To make the parsley sauce, add salt, pepper and olive oil to the parsley leaves. Put everything in the blender until smooth. To make the Sambuca sauce, pour the Sambuca and orange juice into a saucepan. Cook until about half of the alcohol burns off. To make the side dish, cut the courgette and peppers into triangular-shaped pieces. Pour olive oil into a frying pan and fry the vegetables for 3-4 minutes with salt and ground pepper. Next add in the asparagus and cherry tomatoes, leaving the vegetables on the stove to cook for another 2-3 minutes. Finally, toss in the spinach, letting it cook for only a few seconds until it becomes limp and loses its shape. Remove the bones from the fish once it has finished baking. Place the bamboo leaf on a plate. Then put the spinach down with the fish on top. Then spoon on the cooked vegetables. Drizzle the Sambuca sauce on top of everything and put the parsley sauce to the side. Drizzle a bit of the balsamic cream on the fish and sprinkle black sesame seeds over the entire dish if so desired. Crab salad served in an orange recipe serves 2 persons; preparation time ~ 10 minutes; cooking time ~ 15 minutes Ingredients:Ingredients for the salad: 100 g. boiled Red King crab meat, 2 oranges, 1 tsp. Flying Fish roe. Ingredients for the dressing: 20 ml. freshly-squeezed orange juice, mayonnaise, ½ tsp. Flying Fish roe, 20 ml. sweet and sour spicy sauce, salt. 1 small bunch arugula, 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 tsp. balsamic cream. Directions: To make the salad, first cut off both the top and the bottom of the oranges. Do not throw these pieces away. Then use a spoon to remove the fruit inside. Take one of the ends of the orange peel you cut off earlier and place it inside the now hollow orange peel to serve as a bottom to the orange “bowl.” Cut little wedges out of the flesh of the orange that you removed earlier. Put them in a salad bowl. Chop the crab meat into relatively small pieces and put them in the bowl as well. To make the dressing, mix the mayonnaise and the sweet and sour spicy sauce together, adding in the ? tsp. of Flying Fish roe as well. Salt and stir. Then scoop the dressing into the salad bowl with the crab and orange. Mix. Arrange the arugula leaves on a plate. Sprinkle on salt and pepper and drizzle on the olive oil and balsamic cream. Sit the hollow orange peels on the plate and spoon the crab salad into them. To garnish, put some Flying Fish roe on top. Pumpkin and green pea soup duet recipe serves 2 persons; preparation time ~ 15 minutes; cooking time ~ 40 minutes Ingredients:Ingredients for the pumpkin soup: 400 g. pumpkin, 60 ml. olive oil, 20 g. butter, 2 shallots, 30 ml. white wine, 2 sprigs thyme, 250 ml. chicken broth, salt, turmeric, 30 ml. cream. Ingredients for the green pea soup: 200 g. green peas, 2 shallots, 1-2 tsp. olive oil, 250 ml. chicken broth, 20 ml. cream, salt. 6 tiger prawns, 1 tsp. pumpkin oil Directions: To make the pumpkin soup, pour the olive oil into a saucepan and then add in the butter. Clean out the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces, putting them into the same pan with the oil. Chop the shallots into half rings and toss those into the pan as well. Pour in the white wine and put in the sprigs of thyme. Let everything stew on the stove for 15 minutes. Next add in the turmeric, salt and pour in the chicken broth. Let everything cook for another 15 minutes. Finally, put the contents of the saucepan through the blender twice to make the soup smooth, adding in the cream before you blend the mixture for the second time. To make the green pea soup, chop the shallots into half-circle rings and place in a saucepan with the olive oil. Add in the green peas and gently fry. Pour in the chicken broth and salt and boil until the peas become soft. Put the mixture through the blender twice, adding in the cream before you blend everything for the second time. Fry the tiger prawns in a frying pan for 2-3 minutes. Pour both the pumpkin and the green pea soups into one deep bowl at the same time. Place the prawns on top of the green pea soup and drizzle the pumpkin soup with pumpkin oil.