Salekhard. A city at the end of the earth

Salekhard. It's known as «City in the End of the World». In the language of its indigenous inhabitants the Yamal Peninsula means «End of the World». The city used to bear the name of Obdorsk, where Ob' is a river and Dor stands for a cape.

These days Salekhard is a capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Moreover it is believed to be the only town in the world that is located right on the Polar Circle. The history of the city originates in the 16th century when the Obdorsk burg was raised at the cape near the two North rivers' junction. Restored by masters' skillful hands it still stands on the highest bank of the Poluj river. A new beautiful and cosy city is built behind the sharpened pickets of the high fence. There are a restaurant as if hanging right in the air over the road surface and the monument to a mammoth on the river Ob bank, and one can get much information on the life of fossil animals, since their bones are still found in the tundra. Take a promenade with us along the streets of the ancient and at the same time very young city of Salekhard and you will understand what its citizens like it for.