City of Pure Water

Today the population of Saint-Petersburg is 4.5 million people. Each person spends 200 liters of cold water every day.

And every day water of the Neva river needs to be filtrated, pured and delivered to citizens. For this purpose water-pipes are extended to all 18 districts of the city. Their length makes up 6 400 kilometers. The presenter Igor Maximenko learned how the enterprise «Saint-Petersburg Water Canal» works. Barrels with water had been transported around the city until the middle of 19 th century. Centralized water-supply appeared thanks to the creation of the Join-stock Society of Saint-Petersburg water-pipes. On October, 10th, 1858 emperor Alexander II has approved the Charter of the Society. At the same time the water-supply project of the «capital city of Saint-Petersburg» appeared. The author of the design was Pavel Palibin. In the 90s of the last century a new period in the history of the «Water Canal» started. It was a time of new technologies, new equipment and new knowledge. The «Water Canal» posed a problem to make the water drinking in the literal sense of the word. Ever since a lot of things have been done. Today the St. Petersburg «Water Canal» is the leader in the industry. To gain the experience not only Russian but also foreign colleagues come to Saint-Petersburg.