Bread: from a grain to a round loaf

The RTG TV presenter Irina Pudova visited Stavropol Bread-Baking Plant and learnt secrets of local millers and recipe of Stavropol roand loaf known as a korovai*.

There are 1450 kilometers from Moscow to Stavropol. The population is 400 thousand people. Several bread-baking plants are involved in providing Stavropol with bread. The enterprise possesses its own mill complex. It's a complicated miltistep production. 60 tonnes are got from different mill sorts a day that are used to create masterpieces by Stavropol bakers. Irina Pudova was lucky to view not only the process of baking but even how flour is made of a grain.

*Korovai is a traditional Ukrainian, Russian and Polish bread, most often used at weddings, where it has great symbolic meaning.