The Majesty of Veliky Novgorod

An ancient Russian town in a new perspective on RTG TV channel.

Veliky Novgorod has recently celebrated its 1150 anniversary - it is one of the most ancient Russian towns. Here Russian Sate System originally was born. Novgorod was first time mentioned in chron icles in 859. Novgorod started with Kremlin, which is now in the center of the town. In ancient times Novgorod was called Krom, Detinets or Gorod. Inside the Kremlin there are some Ancient Russian monuments - Sofijskij Cathedral, Hall of Facets, Pokrovskaya Tower, by the way there is a Russian cuisine restaurant «Detinec» in this tower. Those who have been in Detinec once, believe that the best honey wine in the world is cooked here. Unique historical reconstructions straight in the city streets, 11th century pavement, flight on hot air baloon above the historical center - you can see all this on RTG TV Channel.