Special Economic Zone «Turquoise Katun»

The tourist complex «Turquoise Katun» is located in the territory of the Special Economic Zone of tourist and recreational type of the same name, in the east of Altay region. It is the largest one among the 7 existing similar economic zones. It has a square of more than 3000 ha.

The «Turquoise Katun» is situated on the bank of the major Altay's waterway beautiful Katun. Natural treasure of these places contributed to rapid tourism development. It is considered that local climate is the most favourable in Siberia, the real heaven for travelers all year round. The Special Economic Zone includes hotels, tourism facilities and whole cottage villages. All kinds of entertainment are presented there: water rides on large artificial lake, rafting and kayak for extreme fans in the Katun river, tours to an apiary or maral* farm. Presenter Andrey Ivanov walked round the whole territory of SEZ «Turquoise Katun», got to know where the game zone «Siberian Coin» will be, as well as talked to deputy governor Mikhail Shetinin about tourist future of the whole region. *Maral is a Siberian stag.