Tourist complex of Abalak

Tobolskaya province invites you on a trip to Middle Ages.

Welcome to the Middle Ages, namely to the Historical Reconstruction Festival in tourism Center «Abalak». It is situated in Tumen Region, 30 kilometers away from the town of  Tobolsk on a high bank of Irtysh River. A wooden town built of  cedar reminds of ancient Siberian settlement and is decorated with characters from traditional Russian fairy-tales. The first thing the visitors can see is a huge clock. Inside the look-out towers there are mechanical figures wearing Russian national costumes. There are lots of buildings on the territory of «Abalak». The guests can have fan in this tourism center all day long and later they can have rest in their comfortable rooms. In 2008 «Abalak» was recognized as the  best Tourism Project. While the celebration a Medieval atmosphere was reconstructed in «Abalak». The presenter Irina Pudova could see real warrior tournaments. Amateurs of fight performances showed how they deal with weapons. Vikings, Russians and Crusaders  told the presenter about their hobby.