Tour of Sochi

The program dedicated to the central Russian resort.

The city of Sochi is quite young - it was founded less than two centuries ago by summer residents from Moscow. I the middle of 19th century when Caucasian War came to an end Russia needed to save an access to the Black Sea. So the government took decision to sell the land at the coastal areas at a very low price. That's how summer residents from Moscow and St-Petersburg appeared here. Later the place became the central Russian resort. Our viewers together with the presenter Irina Pudova can walk along Promenade - a walking street along the coast, come to the wonderful building of Sochi passenger, hear a legend about a girl named Macesta, visit impressive Health Center named after Sergo Orzhonikidze. Russian Olympic future is connected with Sochi and in the program you'll have a chance to see a model of Olympic constructions. Nightlife in Sochi is very intensive. We invite you to Bridge TV channel party which took place in one of the best Sochi Clubs «Plotforma». The Club is situated on the sealed bearings in the sea as a real oil platform. There were top stars playing in the club - DJ Pakito and Basic Element.