Tour of Sergiev Posad

The spiritual capital of Russia Sergiev Posad is situated 70 kilometers far from Moscow. It seems to be Russian Vatican, as there is the residency of the Head of Russian Orthodox church.

The distance to Sergiev Posad is measured as in the antiquity from the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. The road is laid on the medieval rout. From every part of Sergiev Posad one can view one of the greatest Russian monasteries, the Troitse-Sergiyeva (Trinity) Lavra. As six hundreds years ago it is the heart of the city. It's history started in the fourteenth century.  In this place lived a venerable ascetic Sergey Radonezhsky, which became famous in Russia for his righteous way o n/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript"> f  life. Believers came for his benediction, many of them stayed as lay brothers.  This is how the Troitse-Sergiyeva (Trinity) Lavra, named after it's founder, and a town around it appeared.  The most ancient temple on the monastery's territory is the Troitskij Sobor - white stone, a cupola, laconic forms. It's decorated only with the carved ornamental ribbon along the perimeter. There the most important sacred thing is kept - the relics of  St. Sergey Radonezhsky.  The presenter of RTG TV Urij Pesyakov saw the life of young monks, the icons made by Andrei Rublev and visited the residence of the Head of Russian Orthodox church.