Tour of Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is one of the largest economic and cultural centre of Western Siberia. Everyone knows about this city without even having been to Russia. The matter is that Krasnoyarsk Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Church is pictured on 10 ruble bill.

Krasnoyarsk ostrog* was founded in 1628 by boyar’s son Andrey Dubensky in the place where Yenisey floes into the Kacha river. The life around the ostrog developed very quickly and soon there it was recognized as a town. Today it’s a modern megalopolis with a population of almost a million. There’s the greatest university in the western part of Russia – the Siberian Federal University, as well as all-year-round entertaining park “Bobrovy Log” and Extreme Sport Center «Sportex». The territory of contemporary Krasnoyarsk region used to be divided among various peoples: the Nenets, the Selkups, the Nganasans and others. One can learn their traditions in Krasnoyarsk Local History Museum. The presenter Ekaterina Chunkova not only was lucky to visit the Museum, but also Karaul Mountain, get acquainted with many interesting people and even went on voyage across Krasnoyarsk Sea! *Ostrog is a type of defensive construction they used to build in XVI-XVIII centuries in Siberia.