The nature of Kalmykia

This is one of the most beautiful documentaries about the nature of Kalmyk steppe.

Kalmyk Republic is situated  in the South-East part of the European territory of Russia. The region occupies the territory of 75,9 thousand square kilometers, which is more than territory of some European countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Netherlands. 90% of the territory is steppe. An old Kalmyk proverb says that three eternities meet in steppe - eternity of sky, eternity of person's soul and eternity of steppe itself. The presenter Igor Maksimenko tells about steppe plants, specially about absinthe. For Kalmyk people absinth is the symbol of their land, even when they live their land for a while they take absinth with them to feel the scent of their homeland. TV viewers will witness tulip island in blossom - this is unforgettable sight. They will see Yashaltinskoe Salt Lake, which can actualy compete with famous Dead Sea. There is an ornithological department of  biosphere reserve «Chernie Zemli» on lake Manich-Gudilo. Ornithologists from all over the world come here to observe different bird communities. In the end of the movie there will be a sea walk on Caspian Sea.