The meeting of the Ob and Irtysh rivers

RTG TV team sets out to the center of the Western Siberia where two Russian largest rivers Ob and Irtysh join together.

The Irtysh River flows from its source in the Mongolian Altai Mountains it ru ns through China, Kazakhstan and western Siberia until it meets the Ob river. The Ob falls into the Kara Sea which is a part of the Arctic Ocean. These two rivers have the total length of 5410 kilometers and are the fifth longest rivers in the world. RTG TV sets out to the area of the Ob and the Irtish junction from Khanty-Mansijsk. This city is located in the center of western Siberia. Its modern buildings, beautiful squares and streets harmonize with the magnificent Siberian nature. It is said that the best place for the city is the place on the bank of the river. So Khanty-Mansijsk has a perfect location since it is situated straight on the Ob and the Irtish junction. The city originally started from the village named Samarovo. The village got its name from Khanty duke Samara, who ruled this places and whose army was defeated by the Cossacks Army headed by Ermak. Local people made fishing, hunting and farming. There was a large number of goods transported through the river among which there were furs, fish, berries and skins. In the year 1844 the first steamboat came to the village and since 1850s a scheduled steamboat coverage has been established in this area. The discover ers of these places had to work hard under bad conditions and as a result one can go on cruise on a comfortable vessel. During a tour one can admire wonderful landscapes as well as feel oneself as though a conqueror of this region.