The luxury break in Sochi

RTG TV channel invites its audience to dive into the atmosphere of luxurious rest in Sochi.

Sochi is the central Russian resort. Its population during the holiday  season increases greatly. Film stars, businessmen, politicians and even the president come here. Thanks to the local mild sub-tropical climate and clear Black Sea water everyone wishes to spend a vacation here. Besides Sochi is just 3-hours flight from Moscow. In the program TV presenter Timofej Zudin tells about Grand Hotel and Spa «Rodina», which is located in the heart of resort. Right here stay those, who want to have an absolutely luxurious rest. Part of the program is dedicated to the sea walk on yacht. You can go to different cities and countries located on Black or Mediterranean Sea from Sochi as well as drift along the coast, enjoying the view of Big Sochi. Despite the active navigation near the city the ecological balance of Black Sea is maintained here. There are more than 170 fish types in the sea. During the sea walk a group of dolphins joined our yacht. The scientists consider that this is one of the games of this sensible sea mammals.