The fastest train in Russia

A trip from Moscow to St-Petersburg in three and a half hours.

The train was named after the fastest birds in the world, which is peregrine falcon (Sapsan in Russian). «Sapsan» was constructed in Germany within a special order, taking into consideration particular qualities of Russian railroads. As explained by the authors of the train, it has more than 50 revolutionary technical patents. Its something unbelievable in railway transport. For example ornithologists found out that while swooping peregrine falcon's speed is about 270 up to 340 km, the train «Sapsan» while the experiment showed even feaster results. Its speed increased up to 400 km per hour. This experiment was done to understand the total potential of the train. However, on railroads «Sapsan» "flies" with the speed of 240-250 km/h. Our presenter Igor Maksimenko went all the way from Moscow to St-Petersburg, covering 750 km in 3 hours 45minutes. The schedule of the train is perfect for the tourist in the morning it goes to St-Petersburg and in the evening back to Moscow.