Repino — the country estate of a great russian artist

This is Ilya Repin that is the only one Russian painter whose name and names of paintings became common nouns. Such expression as Repin's painting «They Did Not Wait» seems familiar to those who has little to do with painting.

The last third of his life Ilya Yefimovich spent on the bank of Gulf of Finland in the village Kuokkala. Thanks to this great Russian painter the diminutive holiday village became the centre of Russian cultural life. Following him Korney Chukovsky and Maxim Gorky moved there, as well as the most fashionable writer of the Silver Age* Leonid Andreev and a dramatist Nikolai Evreinov. Repin slept on the balcony and was vegetarian. He worked for ten hours a day and propagate emancipation of servants. You will learn things about amazing customs in the mansion Penates in the program of RTG TV. * Silver Age is a term traditionally applied by Russian philologists to the first two decades of the 20th century.