The history of russian toys

In this program a story of how Matreshka, one of the main Russian symbols, was born.

lass='tiny__en_en'> Disputes about Matreshka's birth seem to be endless. Our presenter Diana Pylaeva together with RTG TV film crew went to Sergiev Posad  to find out when and where a famous wooden toy was born. Serdiev Posad is for a reason called a capital of Russian Toy. It is situated north-east of Moscow, which is only 72 km from Moscow. In the 19th century Savva Mamonov, a wealthy Russian manufacturer, lived here. At that time he owned railway enterprises. He was an outstanding entrepreneur as he was greatly interested in art  and music. Many artists, sculptors and poets came round to Mamonov's house and sometimes stayed there for a while. Abramcevo country estate belonged to manufacturer since 1870, and it was the place where Mamonov brought the first example of Matreshka. He developed and supported craftsman businesses. Nowadays in the town of Sergiev Possad the best craftsmen work. In the program you'll see with your own eyes how a professional craftswoman teaches our presenter how to do a painting on  a toy and in a few hours we get a real Russian Matreshka. Original Matreshka from Sergiev-Posad is bright! Our presenter will tell you how, when and in which situation it was born.