The Siberian science city of Koltsovo

The presenter Andrey Ivanov visited the Vektor, which used to be a secret enterprise and participated in preparation of antiviral vaccine, as well as learned what wonders are used at the major establishment of the naukograd*.

The unique and the first in trans-Ural region work settlement recognized as a naukograd is located 25 kilometers far from Novosibirsk. The history of this settlement started 40 years ago from the construction of All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Molecular Biology, the staff of which were involved in solving problems of scientific and practical reaction to global biological threats. The whole settlement of microbiologists arose around it and was named in the honour of the famous Russian biologist and geneticist Nikolai Koltsov. *A naukograd, meaning «science city», is a formal term for towns with high concentration of research and development facilities in Russia and the Soviet Union.