The North Pole. Conquest

It was the icebreaker «Arctica» which reached the North Pole for the first time in the year 1977. Since that time our icebreakers started to go regularly through ices and ice hummock to the very point of the begging of the Earth. Today their passengers are not only scientists, but also pole arctic tourists. The presenter Urij Pesyakov is one of them. Together with him you'll see the masters of the North Pole polar bears, take the bath in the ice-hole and hoist the RTG TV's flag.

Almost a week of way is in the past from the non-freezing city of Murmansk through the arctic lands and icy deserts to the highest top of  the planet in the Northern Hemisphere, which can be described as 90 00'00" North latitude. The icebreaker «Yamal» practically sets against this top and the navigators show this data. Undoubtedly we have reached the North Pole! It's a wonderful place in the world. The imaginary axis of the equator, around which our planet revolves, goes through the North Pole in the Northern Hemisphere, The history of the invention of the North Pole isn't known for sure. Possibly, the first to subjugate it were the American expeditions of Dr. Frederick Albert Cook and Robert Piri, but there is now evidence to prove it. Later a famous polar researcher Roald Amundsen had a fly by dirigible over the Pole. After his flight, the members of the Papanin polar expedition reached the top of the Earth and organized there the first drift-ice research unit.