Grand kremlin palace

The Bolshoi Kremlin Palace was erected on the orders of Emperor Nicholas the First as palace-monument to Russian history and the glory of Russian military might. Its main fade looks out on to Moscow River.

During the course of over 10 years, from 1838 to 1849, it was constructed by the architect Konstantin Ton. This grandiose building was intended to be «reliable and fitting for a capital city.» Each of the palace's five main halls - the Georgievsky, the Andreyevsky, the Alexandrovsky, the Vladimirsky and the Yekaterininsky - is dedicated to one of the higher military orders of Russia, and is done out in keeping with the style of the corresponding military award. In the southern section of the Bolshoi Kremlin Palace lie the chambers that the Russian emperors and empresses, arriving in Moscow from St. Petersburg for their coronations, would reside, Peter the Great having moved the capital from Moscow to Petersburg in 1712. This residential section is called «the private half.» The six main rooms and two interconnecting rooms in the suite are done out in the styles of various eras. The Bolshoi Kremlin Palace is one of the key architectural and historical monuments in the Moscow Kremlin.