The Alexander Suvorov memorial museum

The great general Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov was one of those who made military service in Russia a kind of art. He is admired in Russia and respected in Europe. For his whole life he never lost a battle.

Alexander Suvorov was recognized as one of the greatest generals ever. Contemporaries called him Russian Alexander III of Macedon, and King of France Louis XVIII «the sword of Russia». He was born in 1729. As a boy he was a sickly child but none the less he always longed for military career. He devoted himself to self-education and even worked out a system of training which he adhered for life. Then he entreated his father to become a musketeer of Semenovsky regiment. This was when his military career started. Suvorov participated in lots of military campaigns that time. Under the command of Alexandr Russian armies won more than 60 battles. Suvorov's ranks and awards are the following: Prince of Italy, Count of Rimnik, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Sardinia and others. He shared his military experience, knowledge of strategy and tactics in Russian's first manual for recruits and officers «The Science of Victory». No wonder that his descendants decided to dedicate the first in Russia museum-memorial to Alexandr Suvorov in the end of 19th century.