Nature of the circumpolar Urals region

Subpolar Ural is a mysterious region of heavy mists, taiga forest and beautiful legends.

Supolar Ural is the highest region of the Urals. It is situated on the territory of the Khanti-Mansijsk Autonomous District and Komi Republic. The area of rock mass is 32 thousand square km but a big part of this place is still unexplored. There are not so many places where men set their foot. Virgin Nature of this region is absolutely amazing — endless fields, high-mountain lakes, crystal clear water in the rivers, which reflexes powerful mountains and imme nse blue sky. This land is full of legends about mysterious spirits and idols, which inhibit every river and every tree. Our presenter came to this area, which is actually difficult to reach, by little plane AN-2 and traditional Northern boat «Saranhop». Aboriginal inhabitants of Subpolar Ural- Khanty, Mansy, Komi-Ziryane, Nenets still follow their traditional lifestyle — don't miss the opportunity to visit t heir houses on RTG TV channel. This is the only place in the world where fresh-water herring-Sosvinskaya Herring - harbors. By the way, Joseph Stalin, treated Winston Churchill with this Siberian delicacy. You can reach the top of Sub-polar Ural by helicopter. It is well-known that Sub-Polar Ural is the highest point of the Ural Mountains. People believe that All-father Numi-Torum left here his last belt to give steadiness to the Earth.