Stavropol cuisine

Stavropol Krai is a place where traces of nomadic people were crossed, and path of the Silk Road lay. Representatives of various cultures and nationalities still live there. Such neighbourhood influenced Stavropol cuisine.

The cuisine is very delicious there. They prefer meals of Caucasus, Russian and Greek cuisine. Different tasting flavouring liking and traditions are mixed in recipes. The presenter Igor Vukolov examined ancient steppe dish a shepherd lamb. The qualified shepherd told him how much meat may be placed in a lamb's stomach, and what this dish is dug for. Then the presenter set out to Stavropol restaurant «Lesnaya Polyana». This is where together with a skilled cook, whose first job is a jeweller, learned how to prepare «Boyarski Style Chicken», light salad «Lesnaya Polyana», and got inspired by energy steppe tea. Cuisine journey was memorable and the dishes unusual. Such different and harmonious as citizens of Stavropol are.