Lubytino - a slavic village

Huge mounds and barrows have stood on the Valdai Elevation for fifteen hundred years. These cult constructions are the remnants of ancient Finno-Ugric and Slavic tribes. Local residents are certain that centuries ago, a race of giants lived here, and it’s even said that treasure is hidden in the mounds.

Neither locals nor archaeologists have managed to find any gold. On the other hand, scholars have discovered unique evidence of the life of our ancestors. Agricultural equipment, axes, spears, fortifications, and clay pots have all been found on digs. Archaeologists have gathered evidence on the lives of Slavs in the 10th century from grains. Thanks to all this, a museum of living history has appeared in the village of Lyubytino. Andrey Ivanov travels to the «Slavic village», where he studies how to light a fire in a stone fireplace, to sculpt pots without a potter’s wheel, and learns why grass was planted on the roofs of Slav houses.