Profession: shepherd. The golden fleece of Stavropol

Since earliest times sheep has always been a symbol of prosperity among different peoples. Beautiful and warm fleece saves animals from cold weather and helps to overcome illness. Stavropol Krai is one of the country's largest centers of sheep breeding. The presenter Igor Vukolov tried to grasp the rudiments of a shepherd job and got to know what the real Golden Fleece looks like.

Stavropol Krai is an agricultural region. Sheep breeding is of special pride there. This is where every third pedigree farm occupied with sheep breeding is located. Various kinds of sheep are bred there. For example a manych merino sheep. They specialize in breeding this kind in Apanasenkovsky region. As soon as the weather is warm and fresh grass appears, a flock of sheep is sent to grass. These animals are active and capable of great endurance. They can pass 30 kilometers for a day. Shepherd has nothing to do but to follow them. This is a very hard job. A dog is the best assistant. It knows both where to push a flock and urge dropping behind animals on. The presenter Igor Vukolov learnt to shear sheep, as well as got to know how many suits could be made out of a merinos fleece.