Secrets of cooking Siberian pie

Secrets of Siberian Fish Pie cooking from Khanty-Mansiysk cooks.

One of the best restaurants of Ugra capital Khanty-Mansiysk invites you to see what happens inside the kitchen. The chef of «Taezhnij Tupik» restaurant introduces a fish pie with muksun*. Muksun is a famous Siberian fish, which is used in cooking of more than 1120 dishes. In RTG TV program you'll learn how to wrap fish in dough and what kind of dough this should be. *Muksun is a type of whitefish. Its name is derived from its Russian name Муксун. Pie with Muksun recipe serves 6 persons; preparation time ~ 40 minutes; cooking time ~ 45 minutes Ingredients: For stuffing: 2 kilo fresh muksun, 2 onions, 3 potatoes, 250 grams of sauerkraut. For dry marinade: salt, 2 large bunches of dill a bay leaf, black pepper. For dough: dry yeast 2 cups wheat flour, 2 eggs, 2 cups milk, 50 grams of butter. Directions: Prepare dry marinade. Cut dill finely and blend with salt, pepper and bay leaf until smooth. Scale fish. Cut carefully along the back and remove entrails. Leave head, tail and spine. Rub muksun inside with marinade, form it in half and leave for 10 min. Prepare dough. Mix eggs and milk. Add dry yeast and stir thoroughly. Pour flour carefully to avoid lumps. Blend everything and put in a dark place to make the dough rise. Cut onion into thin semicircles and potatoes like chips into thin slices. After the dough has risen divide it into 2 parts. Roll our the first one and put it on griddle smeared with butter. Put on the dough the first layer of stuffing the sauerkraut. Lay out on top half of potatoes and onion portion. Salt and pepper lavishly. Unroll the muksun and lay on potato with onion with the inside up. Add remained onion and potato. Roll the second part of dough and cover with it the pie so that only the muksun's tail sticks up. Join sides tightly. Make a little hole above to make steam emit while baking. Smear the griddle with butter. Put the dough on it. The first layer is sauerkraut. Put potato and onion above and salt. Put fish in unrolled form on top. Strew with bay leaf. One more layer of potato. Then cover with the second part of dough to make pie be closed and join sides tightly. Make a hole on top to make steam emit while preparation. Bake the pie in oven for 45 minutes at 140 degrees.