Priobskoe oil deposit

RTG TV channel travels to one of the biggest oil deposits in Western Siberia.

Khanty-Mansiysk region is a storehouse of Russian oil and gas. There is more than a  half of  Russian oil and gas deposits in the interior of this region. Ob Oil Deposit  is one of the biggest in Western Siberia. It is divided by Ob river into two parts - left bank and right bank. The area of the deposit is almost 5,5  thousand square km. It is called Western Siberian Pearl. 35 million tones of oil are produced here annually and the level of oil extraction keeps increasing.The presenter Igor Maksimenko learned to be an oiler in Ob Oil Deposit - this job turned out to be hard but challenging. You can understand what oil and gas actually are only after you've seen how they are produced with your own eyes. Oil production process is divided into 3 stages: geologic exploration, drilling rig installation, beam and pump  setup. There are lots of disputes about the origin of oil. Many scientists believe that it was derived from living organisms debris. But, surprisingly, oil was derived from canks which do not have life inside. Some scientists even connect oil origin with space.