Novosibirsk state Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

«The Siberian Colosseum» or Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the most important architectural symbols of the city.

This building is the monument of 20s modern architecture of the past century. The basis of the project was the creation of never-before-seen panoramic planetary theatre. The most outstanding curiosity is a cupola of 60 meters long, which supports itself. The roofing consists of thousands of iron plates, which were forged manually according to special templates. The stage of the theatre is really enormous. Its depth is 30 meters, the height of the frame makes up 36 and the width of the performance part is 24 meters. It may be compared with a small city square in area. There's a peculiar acoustic screen on the ceiling, it transmits perfectly a sound. Irina Pudova has learned a lot of things about engineering ideas, as well as got acquainted with the leading actors of the theatre, visited the backstage and got to know what the floor is made with holes for.