Modern agricultural production in Stavropol Krai

Pedigree collective farm «Russia» in Grigoropolisskaya stanitsa* of Stavropol Krai is one of the best country's agricultural enterprises.

The strongest point of the enterprise is its variety. This is where they plant wheat, soya, sunflower — there are 17 cultures, 58 kinds, as well as breed pedigree animals, bake bread, grow gardens in total... The farm owns 18 thousand hectares. Local soil is supposed to be one of the world's best in quality of locality — it indicates economic return. Model of famous Grigoropolisskaya chernozem is kept even at Paris Museum. The enterprise has 90 years, and it still enjoys the status of collective farm, it means soil and means of production are managed collectively. As early as the USSR period “Russia” was a ground for innovative and bold experiments. This is where a new principle of animals breeding was applied for the first time. To make yield of milk higher it's necessary to provide cows with comfort. This rule is still followed there. Expensive pedigree cows line in spacious clean cowshed with transparent covering. Due to it the facilities are always lightened in a natural way. The presenter of RTG Igor Maximenko visited the collective farm “Russia”; learned what a runaway is for, why calves are afraid of a veterinarian, and how to ride a modern seeding machine, and get acquainted with farmers. *Stanitsa is a Cossack village