Minihotels of Saint-Petersburg

There are hundreds of hotels for the tourists in Saint-Petersburg. The presenter Igor Maximenko introduces in this program Saint-Petersburg mini hotels, each of them has it's own unique style.

Mini hotels like others are divided into categories. The «Brothers Karamazov» corresponds to the three-star level. According to the the author's message, this hotel was intend for business people and tourists. It's situated in Saint-Petersburg historical center twenty minutes' walk from the city's major street Nevsky Prospect. The Vladimir Palace and the House of F. Dostoevsky are located not far from there. This is where the last novel of Dostoevsky The «Brothers Karamazov» was written. A special thrills of the hotel are the interior rooms. The elements of the second half of the 19th century's decoration were used in their design. Moreover, there are such ancient armchairs with armrests, round white tables, cupboards, chests of drawers... they seem to be very simple, but graceful at the same time. Each room is named after heroines of Dostoevsky's novels. Situated in the center of the city near to the Hermitage and Isakievsky Cathedral the hotel Casa Leto is a small private hotel, which was opened by Italian Andriano Leto in Saint-Petersburg. Andriano was born and brought up in the Venice, and now he lives in the city, which is called in Russia Northern Venice. This is «House Leto», that is a translation of the hotel's name, located in the ancient mansion in Bolshaya Morskaya street. It is a former Brilliantovaya street, since there has been the famous jewelry house Fabergé in the neighbourhood. A region of old Saint-Petersburg the Kryukov Channel has been called Kolomna since olden times. This is where the military and retired officials used to lodge. There is a small restored mansion on the bank in the range of three churches. Today the hotel «Alexandr House» is located there. There are 19 rooms presenting 19 world's cities there. Each of them is a model of idea and taste. A professional designer was invited to the work by the owner Alexandr Zhukov. A task was quite simple, just to place all those souvenirs, which have been stored in the Zhukovs' house for 20 years of world' travels. The large hotels existed, exist and will do. They won't disappear. However those who tend to change vast spaces to small-scale surroundings have a real chance.