Kazan aviation enterprise MVEN

The designers and engineers of the Kazan company MVEN planned and created unique aviation rescue systems. And they’ve also built a plane that could become a traveller’s best friend.

In the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, the group of engineers from MVEN are building ultramodern light civilian aircraft. If you applied military terminology to these purely peaceful products, you could say that these are multi-purpose aircraft. MVEN planes are used in the fields of agriculture, business aviation, and tourism. All the details and construction of the planes are drawn up and prepared by the head of the firm, Viktor Ermolenko, and his colleagues. Apart from their superior flight qualities, these Kazan «heavenly swallows» are furnished with unique rescue systems. These are also designed and manufactured by MVEN craftsmen. The presenter Igor Maksimenko conquers the heavens and is absolutely sure of his safety.