Living water

Tyumen Region is the third largest by land area in Russia. This lavish land is rich in oil, peat and gas, moreover, there's a unique gift of nature - living water.

The sanatorium «Verhnij Bor» is situated 11 km. far from Tyumen. It's famous for its thermal sources. The temperature of the water is about 80 degrees. In the swimming-pool it's not so hot, as it is cooled to the comfort temperature. In the opened swimming-pool it's possible to swim even in the winter. According to the legend, even the ataman Yermak recreated in this water. He and his warriors took a bath in the source and gained the battle for the capital of the Tyemen kingdom. Rich in iodine and bromine the water cures a lot of diseases. Wonderful landscape, pines, sand beach and blue lake impress as well the visitors of the Siberian sanatorium. Having walked along the beach and tasted the mineral water, the presenter Irina Pudova set out in search of another wonder of this place - the sapropelic mud. The sapropel presented as silt from the lake's floor is the combination of submarine plants and organisms decay products. This unpleasant mass is as valuable and medical substance as medicinal bitumen is.