Kazan Helicopter Plant

These small light helicopters are not the future projects, but the realities of the Russian air industry. Three new crafts are tested at the Kazan Helicopter Plant at once. Igor Maximenko was lucky to view all the stages of rotary-wing wonder creation - from project to flight.

The Kazan Helicopter Plant got the go-ahead for its own designings at the end of 90s. This is where a helicopter starts with an idea. Firstly, it's born virtually, on paper in drafts. It takes a lot of time before a craft maybe at least touched with hands. The most important thing is the work concerning flight qualities of a helicopter never ends! One of the most global projects of the association «Euromile» MI-38 seems to be a craft of new generation. After test it's supposed to transport more cargo and passengers, improve flight characteristics and become more safe. A new helicopter which is going to finish test mode next year faces difficult tasks including: it has to transport from 30 to 44 passengers, lift 6-8 tonnes of cargo, have a comfortable compartment, low noise level. Moreover, there will be separate craft modification: this helicopter must transport huge freights, save people and extinguish a fire. Another unique craft is called ANSAT. The ANSAT is a helicopter record holder. ANSAT is translated from the Tatar language as “simple, easy”. No wonder that such a name was given to the craft, since the constructors have tried to simplify and perfect as much as possible both the very craft and stages of its construction. ANSAT has six modifications, it may be used as transport, search-and-rescue, passenger, medical, VIP and educational helicopter. The last one has already been ordered by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It will be used by student of flying academies for study and by experienced pilots for retrain.