Journey to the Caucasus foothills

Together with the presenter Irina Pudova you will make a tour through the Ayuksk waterfall, as well as visit the Cat Cave and listen stalactites to sing.

The town of Goryachy Klyuch is situated in one and a half thousand kilometers from Moscow. It's a very picturesque resort place. There's a forest just right out of the town. Goryachy Klyuch wildlife preserve has an area of 30 thousand ha. The forest is mainly deciduous - oaks, maples, beeches. The most popular place is Auksie waterfall. The cascade in the Burlachenkov chap. So beautiful! But the place is quite difficult to reach. After rain the only way is by off-road vehicle. In some kilometers there's another wonder the Cat Cave. It's called that way as a big wild cat jumped out of it when it was first discovered. The place is secret. Many citizens of Goryachy Klyuch have only heard of it. Only a few have get into it. In the meantime, Cat Cave keeps a lot of secrets and riddles. Speleologists have found human bones of hundred years inside. No one still knows how they appeared there. Together with the presenter of RTG TV Irina Pudova you will see the cave hall, listen to the melody of stalactites, rappel the Rock Mirror down and learn how to built mountain banya*. *Banya in Russian can refer to any kind of steam bath.