Holiday on Olkhon Island

The lake-bound island Olkhon is a center of the Pribaykal environmental tourism. The diversity of the landscapes and microclimates, fresh air and, of course, reviving waters of the King Lake attract activity holidays lovers every year.

The presenter Olga Nikolaeva experienced herself that Olkhon is the place worth for necessary visiting. One can take an excellent rest, learn to ride a horse and make a fascinating cycle tour around, for instance, the lake Khara-Nour. It's the only internal salt lake in the world with the medicinal muds. Moreover, since long ago the island of Olkhon has been the place of shamans' meeting on Baikal. Many tourists visit Olkhon just to feel the energy of this place and get acquainted with the shaman's culture. Together with Olga Nikolaeva the spectators will learn a lot of legends and traditions and watch the shaman rite to be held.