Holiday in Ugorskaya Dolina

Anyone who travels around Siberia would like to have an interesting, comfortable and safe holiday. All this you can find in the Ugorskaya Dolina Wellness Hotel in Khanty-Mansijsk and in the recreation center «Dobrino», which is situated only 60 kilometers far from this city. The presenter of RTG TV Igor Maximenko visited them.

With its unique architecture and location, the Ugorskaya Dolina receive visitors since the year of 2002 and since the year 2004 it works as the Wellness Hotel. It's a hotel and spa-center at the same time with the unique service. It's situated in the environmentally safe country zone at the bank of the river Gornay in the territory of the Natural park Samarovksky Chugas. The hotel distinguishes in the exceptional comfort. The architects didn't forget about traditions: the main administrative building is projected in the form of a tent. In the territory of the hotel there are three restaurants of the European and Siberian cuisines. One can taste there delicate sliced frozen whitefish, Siberian pelmeni, pancakes with caviar, and other national dishes. Only 60 kilometers far from Khanty-Mansijk there is the recreation center «Dobrino». It's a wonderful place. The unique natural complex with water meadows, environmentally safe reservoirs and picturesque forests. Driving the quadrocycles is one of the most tourists' favorite entertainments. It's a quite new kind of extreme sport with high speed and at the open air. In the «Dobrino» there's a special route which stretches along scenic meadows and the river Gornay. Igor Maximenko didn't neglect an opportunity to hunt for an exotic pheasant.