Freeride in Krasnaya Polyana

The presenter Aleksandr Kuzmitsky's realized his dream of snowboarding in the Caucasian mountains, where there are no tourists and lifts.

Descending a slope that is covered with snow or literally «free ride», freeriding is a top mountain-ski and snowboard skill. There are no well-equipped traces: you tear at full speed down on the thin crust of ice over snow, jump over ice lumps, swoop from the rock or fly through a forest there's only real natural relief underfoot. The difference between freeriding and it's variety heliboarding is that in the last downhill is accessed by a helicopter, not a lift. This entertainment is available in some world countries including Russia and allows not only save time on lifting, but also to access the most inconceivable altitudes. Russian lap of the world freeriding tour «Nissan Russian Adventure» takes place in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana. The fact that no one can roll in or even view mountainside before the beginning of the competition impresses a lot. That is the main point of the freeriding which means a birth of a spontaneous successful descending.