Fishing in Tsagan Aman

About a variety and quantity of fish which can be caught in flood of Volga next to Kalmyk settlement Tsagan-Aman people compose legends.

During the Soviet period of Russian history Kalmykiya  has put forward the request to give out them the landing stage on Volga. The management of Kalmykiya perfectly understood how much important it is to have an exit to the deepest river of the country. After all almost all kinds of fish that gathered on a territory of Russia are found in Volga! Now Kalmykiya belong the10 km of mso-ansi-language: EN-US;" lang="EN-US">a coast of Volga river. Here the village Tsapgan Aman where families of fishermen located for a long period of time. The leader Igor Vukolov came here for fishing. The result is an excellent catch of breams and... buffalo. It is a rare mix of a carp and a crucian. About 20 years ago nobody knows who and how come they were delivered to Volga. But since then this fish feels there very well and strongly enough breded.