Ethnographic museum of the peoples of the Baikal region

Ulan Ude is the capital of the rich and beautiful region of the Buryat Republic. The city is situated in the unique place at an intersection of two worlds, Western and Eastern ones, so that it's often called «Eastern gates of Russia».

As many Siberian cities Ulan Ude was founded in the XVII century be Russian explorers at the place of Uda and Selenga rivers' junction. Today it's a contemporary city with a lot of sightseeings. The most unusual a nd at the same time traditional one is the statue of the largest head of Lenin. Local residents claim that a complete set of Vladimir Lenin's works is kept inside it. Besides the central square with Lenin statue the representer Alexandr Malich visited the architectural ethnographic museum of history and traditions of peoples who had been living here since ancient times. It's exposition numbers seven large ethnographic complexes. Alexandr Malich learned how Wester Eastern, what a chichipkan is and what the place of a shaman was among the Evenks.