In search of Russian money

The presenter Diana Pylaeva visited the administrative center of the Tatarstan Republic the city of Elabuga.

The presenter Diana Pylaeva has visited administrative centre of Tatarstan republic, the city of Elabuga. The modern, buried in verdure city appears infront of spectators. But many structures stand here since 19 century - these constructions are the sample of Russian merchant architecture. The majority of them has been built up after the Heavy Fire that has occurred here in August, 1850. Then to ashes has turned more than 500 wooden houses. After that has been decided to begin constructing the stone buildings - they decorate a city even nowdays. In a film set of the facts about a life of merchant class of 19 century, after all the most prosperous families in Russia lived in Elabuga. For example, only Staheevy merchants earned up to 150 million roubles a year. And what was one million roubles for the end of 19 century? For 1,5 roubles at that time it was possible to buy pood of bread, it is approximately 16,3 kg, and for 200 roubles you could be able to rent a whole shop in Saint-Petersburg. Origin of such money and the life of modern Elabuga - all of it you will see in this film.