Crocus City

The great city was raised by a large-scale developer company on the border of Moscow and Moscow region, at the intersection of Automobile Ring Road and Volokolamskoe highway.

Crocus City includes three exhibition pavilions, the unique in Russia transformer concert hall, elite gallery of boutiques, complex of shops and restaurants, rest zone on Moscow river. The author of the idea and the majority of conceptual, architectural and designer findings is Aras Agalarov. The success of his business strategy is based on system approach, it means that the development of one activity involves the development of related industry, construction of each new object heightens the general interest of clients and partners in project. Show pavilions were erected sequentially with the difference of 2-3 years. There are 19 modern halls in all, they make up 216 thousand square meters of the show space, it's 10 times bigger than Red Square. The presenter of RTG TV Eugenia Altfeld visited Crocus City and CSTB Exhibition, the most important event in the field of broadcasting and telecommunication technologies in Eastern Europe and CIS countries.